End of Trimester 1

Can you believe how quickly this year is going?? How is the first trimester over already? Report cards will be coming home shortly and parent conferences are right around the corner. If you feel that you would like a conference with me for science please be sure to email me so I can set up a time that works.

5th Grade Quiz

5th graders will have a geology quiz on Monday, November 28. This quiz will be open note. Students have had many opportunities to copy notes, work together, complete explorations, and review vocabulary. They should be well prepared for this assessment.

3rd Grade quiz!

Third grade will be having a quiz on our forest unit on Wednesday 11/16. Students will be bringing home a study guide to review from!

4th Grade STEM challenge


3rd Grade Soil Sampling


5th grade quiz

5th grade classes will have an open note quiz on Friday, October 28. The quiz will be on Geologic Time with a focus on the time period presentations given by classmates. Students will be able to use their science notebooks and the packet of handouts from the presentations.

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to school! I cannot wait to start a fantastic school year with some familiar faces and some new ones. My transition into the role of science teacher will be a fun change and I cannot wait to experience it with all of you. I will use this website to provide resources, give updates, and post assignment reminders. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with third, fourth, and fifth grades!